Participant Chronicle

Joe Marinovic- Challenge of Leadership

With a return on investment of over $100,000 per annum, I am delighted with the level of development I achieved through LMA’s Challenge of Leadership course.

These results are the bi product of structuring pre-determined goals at the commencement of the course. These win/win goals included mentoring new leaders following a recent restructuring and achieving personal/team KPIs which had not been met in over 18 months. I also put focus into my personal life to become a more supporting husband and father.

Every workshop/module contained great insights and discussion. The key learning for me centered around identifying my high pay off activities as a leader. Analyzing where my time was currently being spent and implementing strategies like delegation and empowerment to drive performance improvements at a team and individual level.

Throughout the journey I noticed that I have improved my active listening, provide more feedback on a regular basis, and always look for ways to make positive changes and be innovative.

Everyone in LMA has been very approachable, energetic, and passionate in supporting my development. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to better themselves as a leader and as a person.

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