The LMA philosophy

Creating Exceptional Results For and Through People

At LMA, we see the learning and development process as so much more than simply delivering training and issuing a qualification. It's about developing people to their full potential - personally and professionally.

We don’t train people, we develop them.

There’s a massive difference. Information received through traditional training methods is quickly forgotten.

However, if you actually change and improve people’s attitudes and behaviour, their value to your organisation will continue to grow indefinitely.

We don’t follow trends, we create them.

We do things differently — from the techniques and methods we employ, to the resource materials we provide.

Everything about LMA is geared towards creating immediate and lasting improvement, not just band-aid solutions.

We don’t give out tick and flick qualifications, we make people earn them.

We challenge Participants to make a genuine commitment to invest their time, effort and perseverance to learn, develop and grow, both personally and professionally.

Our Graduates are proud of their accomplishments and their new success.

We don’t just talk about results, we achieve them.

Our unique learning and development process converts new learning into improved performance, leading to measurable results in the workplace.

It’s been proven across countless Australian organisations and thousands of people over 50 years.

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