Our Unique Development Process

Helping your people reach their highest potential.

Our methods guarantee results

Our Unique Learning and Development Process combines the best of our professional Australian expertise with leading edge information from Leadership Management International (LMI) partners in over 60 countries worldwide to develop customised solutions for our Australian and New Zealand Clients.

Quality learning resources, dynamic Facilitators, interactive workshops and workplace application are key to any enjoyable learning and development experience, however they are not enough! Many other elements combine to unlock the full potential and discretionary effort of your people.

At LMA, we don’t train people, we develop them – and there’s a massive difference. Information received through traditional training methods is quickly forgotten. However, when you actually change and improve the way people think, work, act and interact with others, their value to your organisation will continue to grow indefinitely.

Our unique learning and development process will provide instant and sustained improvement in the performance and productivity of your organisation through the development of your people.
This process guarantees:
  • Consistent professional delivery nationally.
  • Lasting attitudinal and behavioural change.
  • Measurable results against predetermined objectives and outcomes.
  • An identifiable Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Expectations (ROE).
  • Fully aligned and integrated learning and development opportunities and pathways.
Success story
LMA’s willingness to adjust some of the core elements of the course was a key factor in the success of the first four cohorts (over 70 participants). Not only was LMA flexible in helping us fit the course around some very busy periods during the year, but they also kept us informed about how each cohort and our people were progressing throughout
—Kylie Baldac, PFD Food Services