Participant Chronicle

Anique Hanby – Challenge of Leadership

I enrolled in LMA’s Challenge of Leadership program to improve my decision-making capabilities, enhance communication skills, learn to manage my team more effectively, and to develop the ability to inspire and motivate others.

Whilst already a leader, I was looking for personal and professional growth whilst increasing self-awareness of my strengths and weaknesses.

There were many key learnings that I was able to apply during the course. These included being able to better plan and prioritize my time. Being able to utilize the strengths of my team in leading them through change. Setting and achieving many workplace and personal goals and using the focus goal concept to great effect. As well as building on my active listening skills to engage in conversations that helped to increase mutual understanding and deepen the relationships both inside and outside work.

The course has clearly demonstrated to me the remarkable effects of personal growth combining skill enhancement with real world applications. I can honestly convey the benefits of commencing LMA and encourage others to pursue this valuable opportunity.

I have completed a degree and two diplomas prior to LMA’ Challenge of Leadership program, all of which made me a savvy professional. Never have I completed a program that made me a better person both personally and professionally.

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