Client Case Study

Belgravia Apparel

The company was looking for a reputable RTO to assist in upskilling 12 emerging leaders as it was embarking on an extensive expansion program.

This included expanding their operational capacity by constructing an additional 30% of office, production, storage and dispatch space. These emerging leaders worked across the operations from the front office, administration, procurement, production, assembly and dispatch. Paramount to the success of upskilling the new leaders was their ability to drive continuous improvement, especially in leading 5S implementation.

Belgravia selected Leadership Management Australia (LMA) to be their training partner.

The LMA Operational Excellence course commenced onsite in August 2022 and completed November 2023. Graduates achieved a Recognised National Training.

Stephen Ladley, Supply Chain Manager stated “We saw notable benefits which included increased awareness of OH&S, improved problem solving, sustainability and operational efficiencies in manufacturing. This exercise also supported our business goals and change management as we become ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001 certified. The team responded well and appreciated the training and support by LMA’s Facilitator, Kevin Selwood.”
Kevin shared “I really enjoyed seeing the personal and professional development of these emerging leaders and their achievements on site.”

Over the period of the program, a number of improvements were achieved. These included the redesign of their labelling, packaging, and storing processes for finished goods to support their online orders from school uniform shops and other clients.

By reviewing the problem and taking a systematic 5S approach to introduce standardised and colour coded labels, operators are now enjoying increased efficiencies which show savings of 4 – 5 hours a week.

A similar approach of applying 5S to the Chemical Storage cabinets, the Sublimation Ink Storage and Embroidery Plot Sheet Storage was also undertaken. By reviewing the situation and implementing improvement activities, efficiencies were achieved, and time was saved in each of these CI initiatives.

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