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Brad Hooper – Challenge of Leadership

I came out of the course with a significantly improved concept of how to be an effective leader which I was also able to impart onto my team to improve our collective results.

AL-KO manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of products for the trailer, caravan and recreational vehicle (RV) markets in Australia and New Zealand as part of the DexKo Global group.

AL-KO’s Managing Director, Grant Douglas had previous experience as an LMA Participant and Manager/Mentor and strongly recommended the collaboration with LMA to upskill AL-KO’s leadership capability. LMA’s 45-year track record (at the time) at the forefront of developing leaders and improving performance and productivity were significant reasons for AL-KO deciding to invest in the development of its next generation of leaders.

Brad Hooper completed the Challenge of Leadership program while working at AL-KO International. As Marketing Manager with AL-KO for just under 10 years he led the marketing team and set growth strategies as part of the executive leadership team.

When Brad first embarked on his LMA program, he acknowledged some gaps in his skillset: “Although I had established strong technical and strategic marketing skills, I had not had any formal leadership training. I identified this as an area where I needed to improve to be able to contribute to the organisation to the best of my abilities and also take my career to the next level as an executive level manager.”

Brad’s reflections of his experience show how the course helped him: “The sessions delivered online were very interactive and engaging. The mentoring and client support/coaching approach was also a great way to consolidate the learning and gain further outside perspective. The practical assignments could also be applied straight to the workplace, delivering immediate results and real-world experience.”

These reflections highlight some of the key elements that set LMA apart from its contemporaries in the learning and development space. Whilst he notes that coursework and assignments were at times quite challenging, he also acknowledges that they were both necessary and highly valuable. “They’ve assisted my growth and development both during the program and since – and this is what makes LMA different…and better.”

Brad developed in a range of areas including identifying his High Payoff Activities (HPAs) and improving his and his team’s time management. These improvements led to a range of change and innovation activities and enhanced his problem solving, coaching and mentoring skills. He also embraced the project management processes and delivered a workplace project and action plan for the business worth over $10 million in revenue.

Brad pays tribute to the highly engaged LMA team. “They always provided excellent support. The relationship developed with my LMA Client Support has continued after the completion of the course – which is something I have never experienced with a learning organisation before.” My Client Support, Julian Harries has made it clear that as Graduates we are now part of the LMA family. He has continued to support our development and best interests.

Brad is looking forward to developing his teams to the same level of leadership thinking that he has now acquired. Once achieved, he firmly believes these concepts and philosophies can flow across the business. And he’s keen to accept the Challenge of Leadership by mentoring others through their LMA learning journey – a true indication of the impact of his experience.

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