Participant Chronicle

Clayton Stewart – Challenge of Leadership

My Manager/Mentor suggested this course would be a good fit for me to polish up my leadership skills.

In his words “Clayton you’re a good strong leader, this course is my gift to you and will turn you into an expectational leader”.

My Business Goal to build Team Unity and create an operational plan with the team was achieved with great support from all team members.

All goals were tangible with adjustments made along the way to keep them on track.
I was able to focus on my High Payoff Activities (HPAs) by getting my team members involved and contributing to common goals. This also enabled me to delegate my Low Payoff Activities (LPAs) by training and empowering other team members to take on these tasks and responsibilities.

Clear thinking, working with people and making them better, empowering staff to become leaders are some of the benefits of my changing attitudes and behaviours as a result of participating in the course.

Improvements in OEE reporting, DIFOT, Downtime focus and Scrap reporting, led to savings of around 500k to the business.

Clear focus towards people, results with people and through people are just some of the personal benefits I have achieved throughout the course.
Other team members and customers within our origination have also benefited from the changes within our team, through improved production and reduction in downtime and scrap.

Overall, it was a good experience. Finding the time to complete assignments was challenging at times, but I found the course aligned well within the activities at Evolve and I’m grateful I was able to take part. It made me stop, reset and look at where we are now (current state) and build a team vision (desired state) for Evolve together with my team, plan it, track it and chase it.

My Manager/Mentor Russell Wheeler set the right conditions within the business allowing team members to have a clear vision of what success looks like then go after it. I also received positive feedback from Russell and good support along the way.

My personal goal of buying a house was also achieved.

The ability to grow my relationships with my peers, my team and the other LMA participants has also been a huge win for me.

The course has changed my management style for the better

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