Client Case Study

Hume Doors and Timber

"The consistency and dependability of LMA’s people, processes and resources and the passion and commitment to work with us ensures the learning experience fits our operational requirements.”

Don Buckley founded the Hume Group of companies in 1953 with just 15 people and only a handful of products, however his vision was not small. Today, over 70 years later, Hume remains a 100% Australian owned family company and has become one of the nation’s largest door manufacturers with operations in every capital city and strategically placed regional branches across Australia & New Zealand.

Importantly, the culture of skills, experience and enthusiasm of the people within Hume is the engine that drives the company’s development and growth. A premium is placed on developing talent internally and promoting leaders from within.

Seeking assistance in developing its people, Hume originally experienced some very negative and underwhelming outcomes with training providers. Eddie Luke, General Manager recalls: “We endured courses full of tick & flick activities with little or no value, light-weight course content with minimal lasting benefit and learning experiences that left learners cold and disengaged – a virtual waste of time and money”.

“Not only was the LMA experience vastly more engaging than past experiences, but it also provided resources, tools, concepts and applications that would deliver lasting attitude and behaviour change. We also saw measurable results and positive financial returns” Eddie explains.”

—Eddie Luke, Executive General Manager

“It just WORKS! The consistency and dependability of LMA’s people, processes and resources and the passion and commitment to work WITH us ensures the learning experience fits our operational requirements.”

“As an organisation, we’re so much better off having had so many of our people making the most of the opportunities provided through the LMA experience. Rest assured, LMA will remain our trusted partner as we seek to sustain the people development imperatives and momentum we’ve generated in the first 10 years together – for the next 10 and beyond”.

Reflecting on the decade long journey Hume and LMA have taken and over 60 Hume Graduates of various LMA courses. Eddie and Sarah Jane Dunford (Head of HR) align with the sentiment expressed by Glen Beuzeville (NSW North Coast Manager):

“It’s been a raging success each and every time we enrol our people in LMA’s courses. Since the investment in our people began with LMA, the results have been stunning, time and time again”.

Across the various courses, the highlights have included, but are in no way limited to the following:

  • Significant changes in attitude and language – more Above the Line words and actions
  • Greater collaboration/cooperation – across teams, branches and the whole organisation
  • Growth in self-confidence – in public speaking, communication, leadership, sales skills
  • Commitment to setting and achieving goals to achieve success – professional, personal
  • Sustainable professional development – of individuals, teams and the wider organisation
  • Substantial financial benefits and return on investment through change initiatives, projects and savings achieved through process improvement and systems thinking.

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