Participant Chronicle

Joanna Loveridge – Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors

I was enrolled into LMA’s Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors course as my manager thought this would be beneficial to my professional development.

The goals I set for the course were around inventory management improvements, such as hitting an inventory $$$ target, reducing stocked SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and improving a storage area to prevent stock losses

My focus goals were set to prevent procrastination and promote action.

My biggest take away was how best to manage my time. This improved the amount of time spent on my High Payoff Activities (HPAs).

I also made a change in my interactions with other people by understanding different personality types and learning styles.

I have made a huge effort to change the way I present myself as a professional, whether that be approaching scenarios with a different mentality, or understanding that some people require more time and focus when training or answering questions.

I have become more patient with other personality types and have learnt how to step back, take a breath and evaluate the problem and how to fix it, rather than just diving in full of frustration.

I delegate more and now feel more comfortable delegating tasks onto my team rather than feeling the need to take it all on myself.

We have seen a return on investment of approximately $160K as a result of an improvement in time management and space saving from SKUs removed from inventory.

My personal goal of buying a house was also achieved.

The ability to grow my relationships with my peers, my team and the other LMA participants has also been a huge win for me.

The course has changed my management style for the better

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