Participant Chronicle

Kathryn Monahan – Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors

By participating in the SSTLS I feel more empowered to make decisions and not have that self-doubt.

I enrolled in the Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors course to improve my confidence and knowledge in how to be a strong team leader. I also wanted to learn effective strategies in dealing with staff, customers, time management and allocating attention across multiple High Payoff Activities (HPAs).

I set myself two professional goals to achieve throughout the course.

  • Create a skills gap analysis and have the team rate themselves
  • Based on the above, set a training schedule and re-assess the skills and re-score to measure improvements, close gaps and empower the team.

As a result, each person completed in excess of 50% of their training, with the remaining training to be continued in Q1 of 2024.

We also saw improvements with team knowledge, closing the skills gap.
We will now be taking this further and getting the teams to be blended across multiple softwares over Q1 and Q2.

By participating in the SSTLS I feel more empowered to make decisions and not have that self-doubt.

I’m delegating work with instructions in a clear and quick way and am being more involved with process changes and expressing innovative ideas.
I’m feeling more positive and showing my team that. This allows them to focus on SMART goals and work to make improvements on the same level.
Being more strategic with my work and focusing much more on tasks at hand has allowed me to achieve better outcomes and fix issues that occur, enabling me to schedule focus time for myself to achieve my High Payoff Activities.

A benefit to the overall business is that I’ve been able to help the business management team as well as the support team and work towards reducing risk.

Another benefit is reduced head count due to the team being able to assist themselves better and handle cases much quicker and more efficiently.

My personal goals were to commit to routine in the gym and learn Japanese for personal leave. I’m happy to report that I was able to learn the basics of Japanese so I could communicate whilst there. I have also seen an improvement in my strength and fitness as well as my overall mental wellbeing because of my commitment to the gym.

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