Participant Chronicle

Mike Moa – Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors

The purpose of my enrollment into LMA’s Success Strategies for Team Leaders & Supervisors course was to further my development as a leader within the organisation.

An opportunity for me to priotise my key development objectives which included building better relationships with my Team, whilst upskilling and empowering them to take on additional responsibility through effective delegation.

From a personal perspective I took this opportunity to work towards improving my health, wellbeing, and quality time with family.

Applying the learnings from the course content and interactive workshops has allowed me to cross skill the team. They are now more confident in their own and each other’s capability to create a high-performance environment. I have also developed a more positive attitude, increased confidence as a leader and now focus on my high pay off activities. This renewed focus has delivered cost savings around raw material recycling, re-use of cardboard packers and palletising packers and many more.

My learnings from this course have also been applied into my personal life. By becoming more attentive, approachable and being present, I have improved my family relationships.

I highly recommend this course; it contains great tools to apply back into your professional and personal life.

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