Be an Employer of Choice


Becoming an Employer of Choice is a great way to source top talent, increase employee productivity and enhance the overall culture of your organisation.

Normally when you hear Employer of Choice, you might think of big business or organisations, however the same methods can be applied to medium and small businesses as well.

But first, let’s cover what it means to be an Employer of Choice. Put simply, it means becoming the type of employer that potential and existing employees want to work for above others in the same industry, marketplace or region. Whilst this sounds easy in principle, it can be a hard task and should not be considered as a quick fix for your company. It requires consistent effort from leaders and managers to achieve, but is ultimately worth the work.

When a potential employee is being recruited, they are looking for some of the following from the company:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Rewards for a great job
  • Further opportunities
  • A sense of community

If you have read our previous posts on Teamwork, Productivity and Motivation and have implemented any of the suggestions, you will already be well on your way to making your company an Employer of Choice.

Ultimately, Employers of Choice recognise and reward employees for their hard work. They create development pathways for them, whether it be through workshops, courses, or avenues to advance in the company. They are passionate places to work and treat their employees with honesty and integrity. They offer mentoring, coaching, continuous improvement avenues, and an open space for productive discussion. They also give their employees the space to be creative and learn new things, allowing them to step up to higher responsibilities.

Consider what made you start working for your current organisation; what traits did they display that intrigued you? Was there anything you were concerned about that you feel could be changed in order to attain some of the qualities above?

If you can develop strategies that improve your reputation as an Employer of Choice you will discover that people will have a greater desire to work for your organisation, meaning you will have greater choices when it comes time to recruit.

Review your organisations goals, missions and values. Try to view it from the perspective of a potential employee and ask yourself if you would want to join this team. Does your company sound like it supports employee development? Would customers be able to see how much you value your staff?

Work with your team to develop a strategy that fits in with your organisation. Get your marketing minds involved in order to develop a branding and communication strategy to show the world that your company is a great place to work and increase your effectiveness in becoming an Employer of Choice.

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