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Welcome to LMA’s complimentary and confidential DIY Leadership Management Competency Analysis.

This easy to use analysis for yourself, or your team member, will immediately return to you a comprehensive confidential report that will:

    • Allow you to easily check how you, and/or your team members, score across several crucial leadership and management competencies specific to your position, or those of your team
    • Identify and explain these leadership and management competencies
    • Offer general advice, as well as specific recommendations for development of the required leadership and management competencies
    • Outline the benefits of targeted leadership and management development activities to yourself, your team, and/or your organisation
    • Provide a few suggested solutions that yourself, and/or team members can immediately adopt to improve the identified leadership and management competencies.

This informative management analysis will only take you about 7 minutes to complete. Simply answer the questions and click submit, and you will immediately receive your insightful leadership management analysis report.

You may complete the management assessment as many times as you like for yourself or your team members, and please feel free to forward this link to others you think would find it beneficial.

Please be assured that the answers you provide, and the subsequent report that is returned, will remain completely confidential to LMA.


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