Client Case Study


Campagno needed to become more competitive as a means to better cope with increasing costs across the supply chain and manufacturing process.

Campagno undertook LMA’s Manufacturing Excellence program where all participants gain insight into removing wasteful activity from their workplace by
application of appropriate Lean tools.

Having our staff skilled in Lean means we can focus on continuous improvement to drive efficiency, reduce production costs, focus on developing new products, expand into new domestic and overseas markets and promote our quality and clean credentials. This could create long term employment opportunities year-round in the region.

“Partnering with LMA and their facilitator allowed for goals and objectives of the business to be eventually implemented as ‘miniprojects’ by our operators and team leader staff, two of which are now becoming our Continuous Improvement Champions. The engagement and foundation laid by LMA does take time but has increased our ability to sustain changes made and to slowly
change our behaviour which is leading to a better culture across the business.”

—Paul Campagno, General Manager

The most significant project undertaken has been a focus on reducing the defect/error rate received by our major client within the health industry. This effort has seen us reduce our defect rate from 2.1% to 0.18% and increase our scorecard result from their auditing from a grade of ‘D’ to a grade of ‘B’.

Broadly most staff are taking more responsibility of their individual workstations with a focus on 5S and are catching more errors as they are occurring. Almost all staff participated well within the projects that were implemented in teams. They have a better understanding of what quality actually is and are less insular or focused just on their own roles/ stations which is helping communication across the line.

Using lean will help us to continue our journey with the understanding that we will always have to find ways to continue to improve. This will continue to benefit the culture of the organisation. We can make further gains in the workplace by re-organising some areas and improve on
visual communication.

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