Participant Chronicle

Ray Gao- Challenge of Leadership

The interactive workshops were dynamic and engaging

Having never attended any formal leadership development in the past I was excited by the opportunity to engage with LMA and their Challenge of Leadership course. It provided a great opportunity to learn the art of leadership and management to maximise my current performance and prepare for career progression.

The interactive workshops were dynamic and engaging, this motivated lead me to apply key learnings back into my role, delivering new habits and measurable results. Key standouts for me were the Fish Bone Analysis Tool which I used to eliminate numerous problems from with the organisation. Along with having a commitment to innovation which was a catalyst to schedule proactive sessions around key process improvement to maximise efficiency and profitability.

I have become more self-aware, which has increased my capability to lead others. I have also developed active listening skills and prioritized team development. This has empowered them to take on additional responsibility, freeing me up to focus on my high payoff activities.

Happy to recommend this course to both new and experienced leaders.

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